What we do…

Pastel has launched a new Energy Audit service to help our customers benefit from the dramatic reduction in the wholesale prices of Oil and Energy, which are now the lowest they have been in twelve years. We have found that most of our customers are yet to be offered a better deal by their current providers and incredibly, we have been able to save some of our customers up to 48% on their energy bills!

We partner with key energy aggregators and work closely with over 15 of the major suppliers in the industry, with many names that do not appear on comparison sites or known to the open market.

All we need to get started on our search for the best deal for your company are recent gas and electricity bills from your current supplier. It’s that easy! We even have tailored energy offers for the care industry to help secure you the best energy rates possible.

We provide quotes for electric and gas, with options for green energy, reducing air and water pollution, damage to public health, wildlife and habitat loss, water use, land use, and global warming emissions are all important to our environment. Demonstrating best practice in your marketplace, reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint and enhancing your reputation with customers and other stakeholders is all important for your business.

You are under no obligation but if it makes a commercial cost saving, why not move to us?

How we can help…

“Our focus is on saving our customer's money, with a service they will value.”


Save your time and money by letting us do the leg work and run your current energy bill through our audit system to see if one of our trustworthy suppliers can save you money.


Looking to be more green? We have multiple green energy suppliers and often it doesn't cost more than regular energy providers.


We will look after you and review your energy before your renewal date so you wont be rolled onto the high out of contract prices.


You can secure today's energy prices for your renewal up to 3 years before your current contract runs out.


Most suppliers can only sort out a resign 6 months before your renewal but we can resign at any point in your contract.


  • Honest advice – We compare the suppliers and recommend the highest savings and fixed rates for your business for up to 6 years. We will always give you the best, real, tailored advice for your business. No fuss!
  • Bill Validation – Send us your new bill and we will make sure you’re being charged what was agreed.
  • Full Customer Account Management – All moves, adds and changes are carried out by us. We’ll even cover the opening of new sites, and meter installs.
  • Service Streamlining – We can align all your sites, services and contract end dates, making it simpler to manage your energy movements.
  • Proactive Contract Management – We’ll make sure you never fall into out-of-contract rates again, and we’ll pick the best time to renew your contracts.
  • Proactive Termination Notices – We will manage all communications with your current supplier should you choose to move.


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